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Juno Kerstens - double bass

Juno plays both double bass and cello and is anything but limited to one style. The various bands in which she plays and sings fall somewhere under and between the categories of pop, jazz, cabaret, tango and classical. 

She is part of groups such as the The Bonnie Blues, Triunfal Quintet, Grand Picture Palace, Cream Colored Ponies, Mira, Dimlicht and Westhoek..


Juno Kerstens received her first cello lessons when she was five years old at the GAMW of Schoten. She later made the switch to double bass and was taught by Ben Faes at the same academy. 


She studied at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp with cellists Justus Grimm and Olsi Leka. It soon became apparent that her musical interests extended beyond the classical repertoire. 


Now, in addition to Triunfal Quintet, she is part of some very diverse groups:

The Bonnie Blues (bass and vocals):

Cream Colored Ponies (bass and vocals):

Grand Picture Palace (cello):

Mira (cello and vocals):

Dimlicht (cello):

Westhoek (bass):

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