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Bram Van Weverberg - accordion

Bram is a versatile musician. As a soloist, he focuses on contemporary classical music. For this he often works closely with composers, in order to enrich the accordion repertoire. He is part of very diverse ensembles, including the tango nuevo ensemble Triunfal Quintet, folk group The Quest and the Helene Bracke Trio.

Bram is also active on several educational fronts. For example, he teaches at the academies of Boom and Beveren. He is also artistic leader in ethno-world music organizations and gives musical workshops at De Veerman on a regular basis.


Bram Van Weverberg studied accordion at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, where he was taught by Ludo Mariën. He graduated there with high honors and played at his final exam, among other things, Fachwerk by Sofia Gubaidulina for accordion and string orchestra. He also played a self-written arrangement of Stravinsky's Petroushka for two accordions. 


In addition, he took master classes with Geir Draugsvoll, Stefan Hussong, Iñaki Alberdi, Mika Vaÿrynen and Teodoro Anzelotti, among others.


He further immersed himself in folk and jazz with Wouter Vandenabeele, Tom Theuns and Janos Bruneel and continues to expand his horizons. 


Bram successfully participated in several competitions. In the Netherlands he won a first prize at NOVAM and a second prize in Laciano, Italy. 


In the summer of 2020, he was Artist in Residence at De Veerman's summer academy. There he improvised music at the most diverse workshops, from screen printing to cabaret. 

For many years, Bram was part of the accordion ensemble Voce d'Oro led by Eddy Flecijn.

Recently he founded the Helene Bracke Trio together with singer Helene Bracke and cellist Emmanuel Tondues. With this ensemble, they mainly perform newly composed works by composers Hans Vercauteren and Lente Verelst. Birds are the inspiration and common thread of most of these compositions. 

In 2022, Bram participated in Baltic Ethno on the Road, a collaboration between four ethno-world music organizations. Together with five other musicians from as many countries, he played concerts in Scandinavia, Finland and Estonia.

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